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Hemp derived THC and CBD edibles. who we are
About us

the fly leaf company

was created from our personal journey and experiences.
Everyone deals with the stress of being alive differently, but we're all in it

Over the years, we've seen that some pharmaceutical and
"self" medications have been very harmful to people. We believe there
are better alternatives to find a peaceful groove. The FLC is a family owned
business that is determined to present quality products with the customer service you deserve and should expect. Our products are sourced from known and vetted manufactures and you'll find a certificate of analysis (COA) for each product on the item's page.

We have a light hearted and fun approach to life and our business, but we understand the grind and are right there with you. 100%

If you need to catch up on terminology, see our definitions page. Contact us with any questions you might have.


be fly

relief: (just sayin)


where we come together to understand the gaps